Life Changing Advice From A Doctor 

During a recent conversation about finishing up my MBA, my friend, who is a private practice physician, pulled out this sticky note and wrote: “No Fear! No Worry!!”. He said it was the best business advice he could ever give me. I couldn’t agree more! What’s the best medical, business, or advice–in general–that you’ve ever […]

Blossom And Bloom Where You’re Planted 

You have the power to blossom and bloom where you’re planted! Trust in the timing and cycles of your life; finding joy in the journey. I was reminded of these truths again, today, as I witnessed this beautiful pink blossom tree on my walk. The past few months have been laced with a lot of […]

Flame Zone Or Friend Zone–How To Tell The Difference 

When it comes to DATING, there may be times you seem to strike it rich and find the proverbial pot-o-gold at the end of the double rainbow. But, then, there are other times when you just have to let your “Higher Self” (or as Gabrielle Bernstein calls it–your “ING”) give it to you straight! I […]

Jodi’s Jems 

Jodi believes that following your authentic truth is the key to¬†self-fulfillment. She passionately seeks gems of wisdom- “Jodi’s Jems”-along her path. As a spiritual-knowledge-broker, she’s determined to find universal truths, from every part of the world, in hopes of giving rise to self-discovery, positive change, and a more fulfilling life. Through media-storytelling, provocative interviews, writing, […]