Blossom And Bloom Where You’re Planted

You have the power to blossom and bloom where you’re planted! Trust in the timing and cycles of your life; finding joy in the journey. I was reminded of these truths again, today, as I witnessed this beautiful pink blossom tree on my walk. The past few months have been laced with a lot of “down time” (i.e. meditation, prayer, writing, deep processing, etc), spent in my house. While not getting out and about as frequently as desired, in part, because of the weather, I started feeling really isolated. But then, I shifted into “reframe-mode”, and the thought occurred to me that it’s been a time of “thought gestation”, or a “pregnancy of ideas”–my house embodying the womb. So, instead of judging it as a time of isolation, I began to see it for what it really was: a necessary growth cycle. May we all allow ourselves to blossom even during these times of incubation.

What sight, sound, or thought has helped you “reframe” your experience (s)? I invite you to leave a comment.

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