Jodi’s Jems

Jodi believes that following your authentic truth is the key to self-fulfillment. She passionately seeks gems of wisdom- “Jodi’s Jems”-along her path. As a spiritual-knowledge-broker, she’s determined to find universal truths, from every part of the world, in hopes of giving rise to self-discovery, positive change, and a more fulfilling life. Through media-storytelling, provocative interviews, writing, and music, she’ll share life-changing ingredients to manifest the life you’ve always wanted. Taking this path has allowed Jodi to love, learn, and live more abundantly. She believes transforming an undesired path, to a path that resonates with your highest good, begins with self-inquiry and shifting your thoughts from fear to love. Jodi invites you to follow her on this journey–a journey that embraces love. Welcome to Jodi’s Jems!

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